About this site

Our healthcare system currently places little emphasis on diet and lifestyle changes. As a result many of the conditions people suffer from today are lifestyle diseases, i.e. are brought upon by the choices we make everyday. What if we were able to provide patients with easy to implement evidence-based information to allow them to help themselves and transform their lives for the better? We believe this is possible, and this is the way forward.

There are thousands of research articles published in medical journals every year on clinical nutrition, thus surely there are some gems to be found in this treasure trove of data. This is what this site helps to uncover. We have scoured the scientific literature to find effective, simple, cheap, practical and safe alternatives to conventional medicine. Anything we can do to reduce our reliance on prescription drugs can only be a good thing. There is also strong demand for this approach from patients themselves.

If you also believe in this approach please share this website with your friends/family and any healthcare practitioners that you may know. By doing this you can be part of something revolutionary, with the potential to help millions of people worldwide and save billions in healthcare costs. Think global, act local.

What makes this site different? We have strived to simplify advice and made easy to print leaflets that can be used by anyone worldwide, including healthcare professionals. This approach was chosen to reach as many people as possible. This site is strictly non-commercial, has no ads, no corporate sponsorships, no sales of products or services. It is free to use and always will be.

Note: more conditions will be added with time. This is just the beginning. If you have information that could help please see our contact page, thanks.